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Post  forumtester on Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:49 pm

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Defeat Champions Empty Defeat Champions

Post  stimpysam on Fri May 26, 2017 7:34 pm

small maps for hunting champions

Blood Golem (Champion) - Eldira Port South (40)
Fallen Paladir (Champion) - Domain of the Fallen (60). Need to have equiped a Seraphic Ring which is a bound item dropped by The Decayed creature on the same map.
Crocoman (Champion) - SAVAGE RUINS (SOUTH) (Min Level: 95) and SAVAGE RUINS (WEST) (Min Level: 95). This creature drops 9 items (good for frags).

Please note that I have not tested any of the above locs yet! Have tested Domain of the Fallen. There is also an SE on the same map.

Hunted in Moot Forest North, level 40 for champs as also needed goobernoob corpse drops for cucu to invent the Beorhtheres Bright helm and amulet set, level 2750

Orc Brute (Champion)
Goobernoob Bird (Game)
Golden Cockatrice SE

dragon4u wrote:To kill Champions at a low level for the DQ I usually go to Fortress of Elya (Courtyard) Located in the Elya Desert. The Enraged Bone Hail (Champion) Spawns 100%

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