Shadow Bunny Showdown - Easter Global Event

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Shadow Bunny Showdown - Easter Global Event

Post  stimpysam on Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:24 pm

Shadow Bunny Showdown global quest gives the highly prized Extravagant Easter Basket (containing amongst other goodies, the Extravagant White Choco Egg).

In order to do this global event you will need to have equipped the Magical Egg Collecting Basket. This basket is given to you by the Springtime Druid after you have completed the Shadow Bunny Assault! (STF) quest in the Springtime Forest (off Mountain Path). Or you can purchase the basket in the Baskets Boutique in Springtime Forest (Shoppers Grove) (2,2).

Shadow Bunnies count 5x times for each kill, and Easter Eggs gives x1 for each kill.

Easter Egg (Global) level 25 drops Easter Egg Wrapper which contains frags: Common 1-5, Rare 0-1

Shadow Bunny (Global) level 25 drops Bunnies Discarded Egg Wrapper which contains frags: Common 10-15, Rare 5-10, Unique 1-5, Legendary 0-1, Crystalline 0-1

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