New Cooldown System (for seasonals only) - implemented ingame on 22 December 2017

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New Cooldown System (for seasonals only) - implemented ingame on 22 December 2017

Post  stimpysam on Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:32 pm

The new cooldown system (for seasonals only)     Posted By cucubaubau (08:55 25/Dec/2017)

All titans (seasonals) can be hunted now even if guild have cooldown.
With guild being in cd for a titan if you hunt it the system acts like you were without guild.
This means your kills will not be shown on scout tower and you not get tkp but if you do solo secure you get the epic in mail (without tag) and a personal cd on that titan for a week. A log will came to you saying that you have now a week of personal cooldown and on home page you'll see your name for secure and not guild name, same on the Top Contributors for that titan.

So practically you have as competition even guildmates from here so I would advice you and will
be nice that if some1 from guild already started to hunt a titan which we have it in cd and if that player have good advance on kills to let him do it and involve on next one, no point to involve if you are not sure you can do solo secure (team does not matter on this situation, need to be solo secure). This for all titans in cd, if you see during your hunt or at the start that you not have any chance to do solo secure than no point to continue as you not get nothing (no tkp) if is not done solo secure.

How to track the kills without see them on scout tower:
Well on this situation if you have competition not matter as you'll anyway hunt till the end and
hope to be secure. If you not have strong competition and want to know well the only option i see
(without have to count all kills and get crazy with that) is to be sure you not lose your kill streak and to look what kill streak you have before hunt and then during hunt with how much rised, for each 1 on ks you did 4 on titan as you also use titan doubler.

If guild have cooldown on a titan and you also have personal cooldown too on that titan then you won't be able to hit it until either the guild or your own cooldown ends.

Seems when is a matter of personal secure (with guild in cd for the titan you hunt) is not mandatory need 50%+1 min of kills, is enough just to end 1st and is considered secure but sure if you want to ensure yourself no1 can do more kills than you it is best to do min 50%+1.
Important to know for when you have big competition there, you not have to worry that you'll not manage to do min 50%+1, fight till the end if you want and you may end 1st and be secure.
When guild not have cd on a titan and you hunt do applies the normal rules so in some cases is easier actually to secure with guild in cd but sure the bad part is that you not get any tkp in case is not secure.

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