Efficient frags farming w/o booster

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Efficient frags farming w/o booster Empty Efficient frags farming w/o booster

Post  stimpysam on Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:31 pm

For an efficient global event farming frags hunt use the following (adienamar's tactic tried and tested):

Extend and Reinforce buffs, Brewing Master 175 buff. Distil 150. Pride 200.

Brewing Master 345, Distil 150, Reckoning 230, Lady Luck 230 (min duration 150 mins).  Find Item 1840, Animal Magnetism 518, Conserve 863, Lightfoot 1725 (these last 4 buffs come from Glorious Opalescent Chest, discard LF once you get to your final destination)

Start farming with only the following buffs still activated: Reckoning 230,  Lady Luck 230, Find Item 1840,  Animal Magentism 518,  Conserve 863

side note: - after you've exhausted yourself manually clicking for hours on end... switch to the highest global booster to secure a spot in the top 100 list

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