1 billion GXP

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1 billion GXP

Post  stimpysam on Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:03 pm

18:37 05/Jun/2016    jaikobe123    Welcome 1 Billion a Decent Looking XP Smile))) Thanks Ms. Stimp! Boss! Cucu Dannutzz for helping Smile))
18:22 05/Jun/2016    cucubaubau    big congratz Smile gj
18:14 05/Jun/2016    stimpysam    yay! you did it, jaikobe... congrats! =D
18:03 05/Jun/2016    stimpysam    happy hunting! (have my fingers crossed for this time!)
17:53 05/Jun/2016    stimpysam    you going for 1 billion today, yes? Smile

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