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Eagle Eyes Guild Achievement  Empty Eagle Eyes Guild Achievement

Post  stimpysam on Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:51 pm

To help get this guild achievement you need a lot of time to kill as many invisible creatures as possible in one session.

Travel to Paladir Forest (East) Level 25 -> Paladir Forest East Secret Way -> Paladir Forest East Hidden Grove. Map.

You need to hunt a few Paladir Bramble creatures to get the drops needed to make the Reveal potion to see and hunt the invisible invisible Elemental of Paladir creature. The reveal potion is called Paladir Elixir which requires the following to invent: 1 Paladir Moon Berry, 1 Potion Bottle (Round) , 2 x Paladir Bramble Leaf (component), 2 x Paladir Bramble Thorn (component). Note that you should already have the recipe for this, obtained from doing the Epic quest Gate of the Abyss.

The components are extracted from the Paladir Bramble Vine which is dropped by the Paladir Bramble creature, and you can buy the round potion bottle for 500 gold in the shop called Paladir Emporium which is in that map.

The Reveal potion is unfortunately bound. It is easy and quick to invent with a very high success rate.

It is recommended to use Animal Magnetism 400, and a high Conserve potion to save stam. You will need a lot of time.

As an example (not a good one I might add), I killed 700+ invisible creatures to get a 2% increase towards the Eagle Eyes guild achievement. It was an experimental test to look at the possibilities/options of obtaining this guild achievement at a faster rate. For this test I did not maximise my buffs/potions or make effective use of my stam and time. I'm certain that a much better and more productive result can be obtained now that we know how it can be done. Idea

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